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Having just completed 12 weeks of twice weekly PT sessions with Dougie I am delighted to have smashed my weight loss goal and to feel not only slimmer but healthier. Dougie motivated and encouraged me all the way and held me accountable with my diet too.


Been with Dougie for well over a year now. Working with him has helped me not only physically but also mentally. At the start I lost 4 stone in 4 months working with him. Helped me step by step all the way. He is very patient, knowledgable and very easy to speak to. After working […]


D.G Fitness is a great Personal Trainer, he is equipped with all the knowledge and gear to help you reach your goal. He tailors the workouts based on your requirements. He guides you through nutrition, helping you keep on top of it. He is Gem of a person who is so passionate about what he […]


I attend the bodyshox class and have never felt so good and motivated about exercise before, Dougie keeps me motivated and determined and pushes me to do the best I can. Highly recommend.


Only been to 3 sessions so far and Dougie has pushed me harder each time. This is going to work me. Thanks Dougie.


Had eight PT sessions with Dougie now and really seeing the difference in my fitness levels and body shape. He’s really motivating and pushes you which is what you want 💪 Fab PT, highly recommend 👍


Courteous, respectful and thoroughly professional, Dougie is a great coach who uses a mix of exercises to get great, lasting results. No fuss, no nonsense, just intensive, focused physical work that builds confidence as well as muscle.


I have only been training with Dougie for 2 weeks and I can say that nobody has managed to motivate me into fitness like him. I am totally lazy left to my own devices but Dougie doesnt let you rest. Hes full of encouragement and praise but I do believe that if you dont try […]


Absolutely amazing P.T, Dougie is second to none when it comes to training the mind and body, easily approachable, really friendly and great to train with. I would highly recommend anyone to use his services. Extremely professional and packs tons of motivational spirit when training. 💪


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